eLeveller – the laser controlled grader

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A riding surface is only as good as its maintenance! As a logical consequence after the development of the HSPG riding arena,
the Horse Competence Center Germany has developed the eLeveller in cooperation with several partners.
The prototype has been in use at the Kasselmann Farm for some time now.

DSC_0010 kleiner

The eLeveller uses integrated laser technology to achieve the perfect levelling of your riding arena. This is an immense improvement in riding surface maintenance, as the height of the levelling blade can be adjusted without manual input from the driver.

The laser system consists of one or two rotating lasers as well as two receiver units on the riding surface leveller. The rotating lasers allow the laser beam to be detected at any point on the riding arena. The desired height level of the surface is determined by the receiver, which adjusts the levelling blade to the specified height. This reduces costs and increases the lifespan of the footing layer.

A more consistent preparation of the riding surface guarantees optimum riding characteristics, protects the underlying surface and allows better water drainage. Excellent riding conditions support the horses’ health in daily training and in competition.

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The New Innovative Leveller


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