High Score Performance Ground

High Score Elastic Floor

Unique about the HSPG is the integration of the adjusted and scientifically proven elasticmat, the High Score Elastic Floor. The mat is made out of high quality materials, has been tested unter highest stress conditions and is certified.

Decades of practical experience coupled with a thorough understanding of the latest scientific developments have allowed us to design a riding surface which is truly optimal in every respect.

The use of high-quality materials and an elastic mat guarantee exceptional rideability properties and reliability of the riding surface.

Rideability features of the HSPG

Equine Health: increased force reduction and better shock absorption help to preserve the health of joints, ligaments and tendons

Train with ease: better energy recuperation (about 50%) because of the elastic mat

Ideal watermanagement due to the effects of the elastic mat

  • capillary upwelling of water possible
  • water is distributed more evenly
  • lower water consumption
  • water is led away 3 times faster than without mat

Safety first!
The outcome of the Head Injury Criterion Test*, performed by the ‚Institut für Sportstättenprüfung‘ (ISP), shows that the elastic mat reduces the risk of suffering a severe head injury after a fall by 50%.

Click on the video below and see for yourself! (left-hand side: HIC test on a riding surface with elastic mat / right-hand side: HIC test on a riding surface without elastic mat)

* HIC = The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) is a measure to evaluate the likelihood of head injuries arising from an impact.

Last, but not least, we have to mention the easy installation and reduced transport costs due to the puzzle system!

HIC Test


High Score Performance Ground