Welcome To The New HSPG Website!

Welcome To The New HSPG Website!

The High Score Performance Ground (HSPG) is highly popular – and rightly so!

Decades of practical experience coupled with a thorough understanding of the latest scientific developments have allowed us to design a footing which is truly optimal in all respects.

The use of high-quality materials and an elastic mat guarantee exceptional rideability properties and reliability of the riding surface.

The HSPG comes with a high and low tide system and is able to save up to 50% in the amount of water use compared to other irrigation systems. Moreover, it is also possible for us to integrate the elastic mat in your already existing riding surface.

No matter if you are building your surface from scratch or just looking to renew it – please do not hesitate to consulting us on any question to the HSPG or the special Elastic mat.